3 months of a lot less trash: My plastic free journey so far

Having begun my plastic-free and zero waste journey in January 2018, I'm now over 7 months into it. In that time I have made some significant changes to my consumer habits, which, in the last 3 months, has significantly reduced the amount of waste I now send to landfill.


Zero Waste Summer Salad

Many of us are now more aware of the global issue with plastic pollution. In January 2018 I decided to start on a journey to plastic free and then to zero waste. It's middle of summer and the weather outside is 30ºC plus (hard to believe in the UK since we get so much rain!). … Continue reading Zero Waste Summer Salad

6 Practical Changes for Going Plastic Free

In the past, I have taken home a certain amount of plastic packaging mainly because of the consumer culture and convenience lifestyle that I'd become accustomed to. As I mentioned right at the beginning of this blog, in November 2017, Blue Planet II opened my eyes to the impact that our plastic waste is having on our oceans, our health and our planet. When I decided to start trying to eliminate plastic packaging from my life in January 2018, I really had to consider how best to tackle the issue while trying to keep to a budget.

My Zero Waste Shampoo Routine

My daily shampoo routine is one of the first things that I've managed to make completely zero waste since I began my journey in January 2018.  It has involved a little trial and error, however, after trying this method for a number of days without switching back to my old shampoo, I feel that it's working.

How to do a Supermarket Shop and Take Home Less Plastic

One of the first decisions I made before starting on this journey, was to break it down into small, manageable steps. Going plastic free, or zero-waste is not something that can happen overnight, unless you're in a position to make big changes very quickly. I'm not, so my first step was to try to eliminate … Continue reading How to do a Supermarket Shop and Take Home Less Plastic

Eco-Friendly Basics for Household Cleaning

If you're anything like me, you've probably been to the supermarket hundreds of times to buy what may seem like all of the cleaning products under the sun - and they're all for different purposes - window cleaner; floor cleaner; oven cleaner; bathroom and kitchen cleaners...the list goes on. Since making my new year's resolution … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Basics for Household Cleaning

Quick and simple recipes which create less waste

I've often bought ready-made sauces, dips and ready-made food products from supermarkets for convenience. Given that they often come in non-recyclable plastic packaging, I thought I'd have a go at making some of my own. What's great is that they take very little time at all, and are good for people with the busiest of … Continue reading Quick and simple recipes which create less waste