When it comes to cleaning, there are a myriad of products and brands on offer. Bathroom cleaner; kitchen cleaners; floor cleaners; bleaches; mould and mildew cleaners…the list goes on. But, are so many different products needed to clean the home successfully?

There are many cleaners which say that you can spray stubborn stains, leave them and come back and wipe them away. Whether or not this is or isn’t the case in reality, the likelihood is that a certain amount of these products may contain harsh chemicals. There’s also a good chance that many of these chemicals could be harmful to our health as humans. Not to mention how they may be contributing to polluting our water, and be harmful to marine wildlife. There is also the obvious one…they can create a lot of waste. After all, although the bottle may be recyclable, the spray nozzle is a lot harder to recycle.

how to keep your bathroom mould and mildew free using natural cleaners

So, how can it be done without using all of those cleaning products?

You will need:

  1. White vinegar
  2. A squeegee
  3. A cotton cloth
  4. A toothbrush
  5. Essential oils (optional)
  6. A de-humidifier (optional)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often found that the bathroom itself tends to get full of condensation pretty quickly when taking a bath or shower. This can sometimes be difficult to get rid of, especially if, like me, you have an internal bathroom with no window in it. Most bathrooms have fans in them these days, to help to get rid of the condensation. After all, condensation is one of the main things that contributes to mould and mildew growth in the first place.

I’m a big fan of prevention rather than cure, so by preventing the mould and mildew from appearing in the first place, we’re less likely to have this problem.

Before showering, some people may wish to put a de-humidifier on in the bathroom to help with removing the condensation, whether you have a fan in your bathroom or not. It all helps anyway.

After using the shower, it’s a good idea to use a squeegee to remove as much excess water from the shower area as possible. I’d recommend wiping down the faucets (taps) and the shower head and hose with a dry cotton cloth afterwards.

Sometimes the grout between the tiles will start to change colour. One way to keep it as white as possible is to spray a light mist of white vinegar, or white vinegar and essential oil(s) mix of your choice to the tiles. Leave for a few minutes and then, using a toothbrush, gently scrub between the tiles.

I have found that I don’t have to do this very often, as using the squeegee after a shower really helps to keep the tiles clean, but occasionally it does need doing.

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Posted by:Leanne (@ecothriftylifestyle)

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