How to buy greetings cards and gift wrap without the glitter and the plastic

If you’re anything like me, then you probably find it difficult to find places where greetings cards and gift wrap are on sale without being wrapped in plastic. Supermarkets have in the past been one of the first (if not only) places I’ve visited. Often I’ve been faced with rows upon rows of greetings cards for all occasions possible – but they’re all wrapped in plastic sleeves, which just isn’t necessary. As well as this, there is usually no information on whether it can be recycled.

Another issue with many greetings cards is that they’re often covered in glitter. You’ve probably heard in the news in recent months that glitter is in fact a microplastic, and can pose dangers to marine wildlife, and to us as well as it can easily get into our food chain. If you’re interested, you can read more on this subject here. So how can we get around this problem?

1. Plan in advance.

The easiest way to make sure you’re avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging, is to plan in advance what you need to buy. I’ve recently been looking around 3 months ahead, and have been thinking about whose birthdays are coming up; what events and holidays are coming up, such as Easter and Christmas as well as others. For example, someone at work might be retiring, or leaving the company for a new job. These are all occasions that we traditionally might need greetings cards and gift wrap for, and so it’s a good idea to look through your calendar and plan ahead for the upcoming events.

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2. Shop in budget card shops

I have recently discovered that looking in budget card shops is a great way to find cards and gift wrap without the plastic wrapping. I have found that they tend to have whole stands where cards and sheets of gift wrap with a variety of different designs are displayed. And the great thing about them is that they’re all loose – no plastic in sight!

3. Buy in bulk

This links in with number 2 above. By shopping in budget card shops, there are often deals on where you can buy a number of cards or sheets of gift wrap for a set price. Recently I found a deal where I could buy 1 card for 59p, or 10 for £1. They were loose, there was no glitter, and in fact they were good quality cards. Which makes me wonder if when we buy the more expensive cards, whether we’re perhaps paying a higher price just because of the packaging.


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