Protein rich tomato and red pepper soup

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan this one is a good recipe for you.

This recipe is fairly straightforward to make zero waste. If you’re looking for a zero waste supermarket near you, there are an increasing number of them appearing on our high streets.

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How to keep your bathroom mould and mildew free using natural cleaners

When it comes to cleaning, there are a myriad of products and brands on offer. Bathroom cleaner; kitchen cleaners; floor cleaners; bleaches; mould and mildew cleaners…the list goes on. But, are so many different products needed to clean the home successfully? There are many cleaners which say that you can spray stubborn stains, leave them…

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What I Found During My First Visit to a Zero Waste Supermarket

When we arrived, both my friend and I were pleasantly surprised at the range of items available to us. There was a large selection of dry foods such as pasta, rice and grains. There were also several varieties of each; from wholewheat fusilli to large conchiglioni shells; from brown rice to risotto and white long grain rice; and from soya beans to couscous, lentils and chickpeas. There was also a selection of loose teas on offer, ranging from fruit teas to herbal teas to breakfast teas. A wide selection of herbs and spices were on offer too. I was also impressed by the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables on offer. I was able to buy salad ingredients such as cucumbers, radishes and tomatoes without any packaging at all!

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